Growject 26 - Dynamic Platon

September-November 2019

I found that all the Platonic Solids are connected in a way that by a simple mechanism one solid becomes the other...

Growject 24 - Switch Competition

May 2019 

For a Pavilion in Amsterdam we set up a Team of Architects and Programmer to invent a House which works like a Tree. The dynamic sails made of hemp fabric will open and close depending on the weather. The mechanism will work not by engine which needs a lot of energy but by the natural weight of the rainwater or the water of the river. An idea to create a space in harmony with nature...

Growject 22 - Whild Boilerroom

April 2019

For the techno event Auftakt (a Preparty for the Festival "Zweitakt") I was constructing a Tower which works as a stage for a Boilerroom party. The size of the diameter can vary but the diameter of the bottom circle and the diameter of the circle at the top will be always in the golden ratio!

Growject 21 - Growing Warehouse

March 2019

For the Company "Teems India Pvt Ltd" I was designing and constructing a Warehouse out of Bamboo.

Bamboo is a very versatile material in terms of strength & also has a very good bending capacity. The bamboo used for this project was locally sourced and then treated on site to preserve it for multiple years. The Joinery junctions were of 3 types and were specially designed for the structure & was customised & fabricated. The new thing was that we where GLUEING the Bamboo into the pipes to protect the material from weather,insects and fangus and prevent it from splitting. As fare as i know nobody did that bevore... but i would be happy to come in touch with people who did similar things in the past! My target is to make Bamboo ready for Industrial usage as I see Bamboo as a solution for many problems we face nowerdays!

Growject 20 - Growing Bamboo Tower

April-July 2018

BAMBOO CENTER AUROVILLE was the perfect place, with the right energy and visionary mindset to push GROWINGTOWER to a new dimension. Together we were growing the idea to an incredible project...
For more than 3 month volunteers, labourers, cooks, welders, project holder and financial supporter sticked together to make this Tower happened!


We became like a family and where able to show what GROWINGTOWER and especially Bamboo is able to do. This 45 feet (13,5m) tall tower shows that the GROWINGTOWER structure could be an elementary Building technique in future!!

Thanks to Bamboo Center and to all the people who dedicated themself to the project! ...Especially to the Volunteers!

This tower is now even a WORLD RECORD as the largest tower which was "growing" by a rotation movement, while the top part was build first and the bottom later on...

Growject 19 - Growing SoundDome

April 2018

"Svaram" in Auroville asked me to design and build a SouldDome for Instruments for them. So I thought a Building which is itself an instrument would be interesting and the output was a dynamic Dome which can change its size according to the movement of a Gong which was hanging in the parabolic Dome...

Growject 18 - Growing Home

After the projects with all this inspiring Indian architect students, some ideas raced in my mind how this amazing structure could be used for living spaces...

Our cities are usually also growing!

...But different than plants they can only grow by occupying more and more area. If we would build dynamic module houses which are sitting on a rotating ramp we wouldn't need to destroy more forest but grow with our needs! If we need more living space we would just rotate our whole home and add a new room which can be designed individually...

February 2018

Growject 17 - Growing Tower Workshop

February 2018

In 3 Days we were building a 6m tall GrowingTower. This time i used a slightly different Ramp so you will find now perfect squares in the Geodesic Structure.

Growject 16 - Growing Tensegrity Workshop

We had a wonderful time working together on a 6m tall Growing Tensegrity. Thanks to all of you!

February 2018

Growject 15 - Growing Seed of Life

January 2018 

The "seed of life" is a well-known geometric wonder. I thought, "What happens if we let the seed grow? ..." 


This construct is self-contained; none of the rods are firmly connected, except through the cords that form the lines of the "seed of life.

Growject 14 - Dynamic Donut

Januar 2018

Nun wollte ich mich zur Entspannung auch mal anderen Strukturen widmen und so kam mir die Idee, die Struktur des Wassers und der Blüten von Blumen genauer unter die Lupe zu nehmen. 

Dieser "Dynamische Torus" kann eine unendliche Bewegung um sich selbst beschreiben, wären da nicht die Schnüre zur Aufhängung. Ich konstruierte die Aufhängung so, dass man den Torus teoretisch als Deckeninstallation nutzen könnte.

Das Spannende ist, dass die Struktur nur gut funktioniert, wenn man die Zahlen nutzt die man erhällt wenn man die "2" beliebig oft mit sich lebst multipliziert: (2,4,8,16,32,...).

Growject 12 - Growing Flower

November 2017 

A dynamic structure? 

Just as flowers open and close their leafes, so we can make buildings movable. The entire dome simply straightens by the string of cords connected to each connection point in the dome.

How can you move upwards while pulling down?

The GROWINGTOWER structure makes that possible!    

This is the Model for a tower in the Berlin club "Griessmühle" where this principle is applied.

Groject 11 - Growing Playground

October 2017 

Adventures in Pinecone ...     Children love nature. On playgrounds you can often see them playing in geometric figures.

The GROWINGTOWER would combine both. The feeling of nature and climbing onto a tree that recreates the structure of a pine cone. A fascinating and easy to build geometric structure.

Groject 10 - Growing Torus Dome

September 2017 

The idea of a Growing Torus is interesting if you want to cover a huge space. During the planning phase for a marquee, the drawings and pictures of a GrowingTorusDome were created.

Groject 9 - Growing Dome

September 2017

A marquee which you can build  within a very short time without a ladder, crane or anything else ..!


It all stared with a branched plant in the wind. I wondered: How can she stand so stable even though she has only ONE trunk in the middle and no four pillars like a house? After a few days the solution was found and the GROWING DOME was born! A construct that reflects the dome structure of Fuller, but it is much easier to build than the conventional dome. Initially, all the rods are on the ground, with only the ends connected to the strings. By building only the "branches" are mounted on the "trunk" to mount the "branches" is possible without annoying ladders. Stability comes by tensing to the ground at five points.

Groject 8 - Growing Tower Tensegrity 2

August 2017 

To show that you can stretch different numbers of spirals to float poles, a second GROWINGTOWER Tensergity was built. This time, the rods hang in five left-handed and eight right-handed spirals of strings, with no rod touching another.

Groject 7 - Giraffe

August 2017 

As part of a festival, an entrance was needed.

GROWINGTOWER designed an extra natural sculpture representing a giraffe. She was about 8m high and had headlamps as eyes.  Especially at festivals of techno music, it is important to send the eyes on the road. And oversized natural objects are very suitable for this. More animals are already planned for next year ...

Groject 6 - Growing Tower Tensegritry

Klicken sie auf das Bild um das Video zum Turm zu sehen
Klicken sie auf das Bild um das Video zum Turm zu sehen

July 2017 

In the first days of my journey from Germany to Portugal, I came to an understanding of the subject of train and pressure in the growing organism. For this I had to leave the limits of the Fibonacci numbers and came instead to a new sequence of numbers, which results from the squares of the Fibonacci numbers and in turn tend to the golden ratio. Instead of 1,1,2,3,5,8 .. we now have 1,1,4,9,25,64, .. But by the way, more importantly, we are now using the GROWINGTOWER structure rods to float in the air. Behind the picture hides a video about it. Take a look!

Groject 5 - Programmdesign

April 2017 
Thanks to the python script by Wolf Weber, it was possible to create some virtual designs that would be possible with the help of the GROWINGTOWER structure.

Groject 4 - Golden Tower Project

March 2017 
Building without aids, like plants do it? 
I wanted to build my tower in a reasonable size, but I had no ladder or similar tools at hand. That's when I came up with the idea of simply building like nature has been doing it for millions of years: growing. The seed stores information about the entire plant. He alone steers everything out of the ground. During the construction, I behaved exactly like the seed and never left the ground. And so I let the tower "grow" on my "DNA" (a ramp). At the end i grew the tower up to 6m. If you want to know more about the construction of the tower, just watch the video above ...

Groject 3 - Growing Tower Modell

December 2016 
On a journey from the north of Poland to the south of Bosnia, I saw Europe's vegetation in cross-section. It was noteworthy to me, and not only in the shell of the snail, that the rotational movement of nature kept coming up again and again. I saw that there are many more opposing spirals. I knew that was not just "another" structure. It was "THE STRUCTURE" of life. Near Sarajevo, I made my first calculations to use the structure. A short time later, I calculated how to build a tower with any number of spirals in opposite directions with only two different sizes for the frames. This was tested in a model in which five counterclockwise, eight clockwise and again 13 counterclockwise spirals intermesh and together form an extremely stable tower. The principle is based on the Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio. If you pay attention to it, you will find it everywhere in nature! On buds, seeds, or leaves. for example, at the pinecone or in the sunflower. But even our innermost core, DNA builds on this math

Groject 2 - Schneckenhaus

August 2016 
When I was asked if one could not live together in a snail shell later, the motivation to crack the secret of the "growing building" grew in me. And that at the same time to me came the knowledge of the pulling and oppressive forces in the growing object. Because in living buildings, there is always a need for a "presure force of will" and a "pulling direction of growth". Here illustrated in the model of the snail.

Groject 1 - Dome

July 2016 

Everything started with the dome. The structure that Buckminster Fuller invented at that time. The dome is buildable and degradable in short time and is used as a stage for techno events.